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TheArcadeScript 2018
Hello Everyone,
Since taking over this TheArcadeScript from William, I've not released much to the public eye and had taken the website offline this was due to a few things at the time happening as well as too many CMS's aimed at being Arcade Scripts at the time, it was a very complex and highly competitive marketplace. Forward to 2018 and this is no longer the case with many being left in the dark or ditched completely in favour of going to other sectors across the internet. Only a few Arcade Scripts are active now with some being either extremely limited in abilities, open exploits which have not been patched up in years or become very bloated with various add-on's, themes and other junk which isn't useful anymore.

So what are the plans for 2018 / 2019?
  • Removing all the encryption completely from TheArcadeScript to make it once again a truly open and free source script.
  • Development on seamless mobile browsing support.
  • New supported formats being added such as WEBGL, Unity as well as some more which I'm keeping under raps until the release.
  • All previous TheArcadeScript versions upgrader module for those select few still using this CMS and will upgrade all to the newest release.
  • A whole new CMS migration module which should help transfer everyone from dead CMS's as well as active ones to TheArcadeScript.
  • The free release of the new version 1.4.1.
  • Improving the current features already integrated on TheArcadeScript. 
I'm giving myself a very big window to get these features done as it will be a very big learning curve for me to learn these new tricks which TheArcadeScript will be needing. It's not going to be easy and it's a very big task to under take but I do believe this CMS is what arcade webmasters will be looking for from now till the future.

Thanks & Regards,
TheArcadeScript Owner

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